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Disney+Halloween Treats


I’m sure challenges like this have been done before in the past, but in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make a challenge dedicated to the villains! It seems like the perfect time of year for it.

So basically you make gifsets or photosets of the following topics:

  • A COMEDIC VILLAIN: where you make a set about a villain you find funny or comical.
  • A SCARY/DISTURBING VILLAIN: where you make a set about a villain that genuinely scares the pants off of you. 
  • VILLAIN QUOTE(S): you choose a favorite (or some of your favorite) quotes by a villain.
  • A VILLAIN DEATH/DEMISE: if a villain doesn’t have a death scene, you have the option to make a set about their comeuppance/downfall. 
  • AN UNDERRATED VILLAIN: a set about a villain you find really underrated/unappreciated that deserves more recognition.
  • FREE DAY: anything you want to make about villains (ie. favorite concept art, favorite outfit, a favorite pairing, whatever you want to do.) this is totally optional.


  • Use only one villain per post please.
  • Please use different villains for each of the 7 topics! On the free day, you may make a set for a villain you already made a set with. 
  • You can make sets for nondisney villains! It doesn’t have to be limited to (or even include, if you wish) Disney.
  • All your villains must be cartoons in some form or other. No live action villains please. (meaning you can have a set about Judge Doom, but not the Wicked Witch of the West.)
  • Please just stick to the villains in movies - no tv or videogames!
  • The challenge doesn’t need to be completed in any order or time frame. 
  • If you want, you can tag me at #maidmarians :)
  • Have fun! 

~Do it if you dare~ *spooky fingers*


Disney Princess Halloween Icons, Part 1 (Part 2

Anyone can use :)

Happy Halloween!

Posters and home media covers for Cinderella (click the pictures to see the year of each poster/cover) • [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]


Magic Kingdom: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party by Hamilton! on Flickr.


Disneyland Halloween Time 2013


The Dapper Dans perform at the Corner Cafe (por Castles, Capes & Clones)

Halloween decor at Magic Kingdom Park (x)


Reception At Downtown Disney’s House of Blues.

Cake by Its Tasty Too. (So yum!)

David And Vicki Arndt Photography